Diploma: Human Resources Management & Practices
SABPP Qualification

This diploma will be useful to people who operationalise some aspects of the core processes and practices at a basic level across the four role clusters in human resources management and practices:
- Strategic planning for human resources management and practices.
- Acquisition, development and utilisation of people.
- Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations.
- Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices.

Holding the qualification will enable holders to enter learning programmes for a generalist degree in Human Resources Management and Practices.

Course Contents

1 Communication Skills
2 Organisational Behaviour
3 Recruitment Practices
4 Legal Framework
5 Labour Relations
6 Skills Development Facilitation
7 Business Management Practices

8 Leadership Development Practices
9 Human Resources Development
10 Human Resources Planning
11 Human Resources Management
12 Payroll
13 Basic Computing



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