Professional Diploma In Financial Mathematics

Course Description:
Introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has ensured the availability of data in many organizations. However, traditional ERP systems lacked data analysis capabilities that can assist the management in decision making. Business Analytics is a set of techniques and processes that can be used to analyze data to improve business performance through fact-based decision making. Business Analytics & Intelligence is likely to become one of the main functional areas in most of the companies.

Professional Diploma in Business Analytics (PDBA) helps to define, establish, and distinguish the candidates professionally as they gain the skills and techniques required to design, build, and deploy solutions to deliver more data to more people across an organization.

Course Detail :
(01) Introduction to Statistics.
(02) Financial Mathematics Techniques.
(03) Operational Research Techniques I and II.
(04) Corporate Finance. (05) Actuarial Statistics.
(06) Financial Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.
(07) Economics for Finance.

Orientation studies :
These studies provide an orientation to the field of financial mathematics. You will choose studies that complement your current knowledge relevant to financial mathematics, including principles of econometrics, mathematical methods and stochastic processes.

These studies will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills relevant to thoughtful, innovative and evidence-based practice in financial modelling and analysis. You will acquire core knowledge of and skills in financial econometrics, and advanced mathematical modelling and computational methods in finance. You will complement these with study in areas of your choice, including interest rate modelling, Markov processes, statistical learning in finance, and global financial markets.

These studies will provide you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge skills in 'real life' problems, through completing an industry project or an industry internship.

Duration: 01 Year

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