NC: Small Business Financial Management

Financial managers interpret financial data and create reports
that allow corporate leaders to see how a business is doing financially.
They also make decisions about where money is invested, and where large portions of cash are spent. National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management.

What you’ ll be able to do:
Assistant Financial Manager; any managerial role requiring
basic financial skills. Manage the finances of a small or mediumsized
business, using your basic skills in accounting, reporting,
finance and costing.

All the skills and knowledge to work in the corporate environment as an
assistant to the Financial Manager. To manage the finances of a small or medium-sized business and, Basic accounting, reporting skills, basic finance skills and basic costing skills.


Course Contents

1 Business Literacy
2 Essential Business Finance
3 Computerised Bookkeeping

Grade 11, NQF L3 or an equivalent.
Did you know?
Once you have successfully completed the National Certificate: Small Business Financial Manager, then you will have done two of the four subjects that are needed for the Junior Bookkeeping qualification -ie Business Literacy and Computerised Bookkeeping.

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